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Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship is a great opportunity to build community and market your business in a unique way.  

We offer several forms of sponsorship opportunities, including but not limited to

  • annual events such as our Induction Banquet and Golf Tournaments
  • special events and guest speakers such as Family Nights and inspiring Albertan athletes
  • family friendly Interactives stationed throughout the museum

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact Executive Director Tracey Kinsella at or call 403-341-8614

Sponsor an Event


Induction Banquet

The annual Induction Banquet is held annually in Red Deer. More than 600 people from across the provinces and United States attend this gala event to honour Alberta's great athletes, sport builders, pioneers, and media personnel. At this prestigious event 10 extraordinary Albertans that have made an impact on sport in our province, country and around the world are honoured. The event not only honours these great Albertans but it recognizes the importance of sport in our lives and communities. 

There are many sponsorship opportunities related to the Induction Banquet, and the atmosphere of celebration and decadence aids greatly in the promotion of your business.  Join us at the 2018 Induction Banquet on June 1, 2018.
  • Dinner
  • Media
  • Champagne
  • Silent Auction

Current Sponsors: 

Check out 2017 Induction Banquet Sponsors: Here

Golf Tournament

The annual Golf Tournament is an exciting way to get to know Honoured Member alumni, special guests, and our avid Golfers. Held at the Innisfail Golf Club, this event is a great way to get your brand out there, but also a chance to join in the fun with our other sponsors! Join us next year, Thursday, August 9, 2018 at Innisfail Golf Club!
  • Putting and Chipping Contests
  • Hole in One contests
  • Cart Sponsors
  • Media Sponsors
  • Meal Sponsors
  • Silent Auction Items

Current Sponsors:

Check out 2017 Golf Tournament Sponsors: Here

Sponsor an Interactive or Gallery


Virtual Sport System

The Virtual Sports System has several opportunities for sponsorship! This is one of the most popular interactives in our facility and has recently upgraded to a touch screen.


Current Sponsors:

The Virtual Sport System interactive game is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

  • The Virtual Sports System has 5 sports games: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Hockey. Each of these games involved a field or arena with programmable signage, perfect for your company's logo!
  • Authentic rink boards surround the play area and provide a realistic feel to the virtual game. Currently, the boards are bare and just waiting for you Company's logo!

Climbing Mount Everest TREADwall

The TREADwall is a moving climbing interactive that simulates a rock wall experience. This unique interactive always grabs visitors attention and everyone will want to take their turn.
Current Sponsors:
Climbing Mount Everest TREADwall interactive is sponsored by Servus Credit Union.
There are no planned sponsorship opportunities for this interactive at this time.

*Your Name Here* Press Box

The Press Box was designed for sports enthusiasts to step into the world of a Sports Announcer. There are three preset sports clips from various sports that visitors can interact with. The 'announcer' first watches the original clip with its original audio included. Next, they record their own voice onto the video clip. Finally, the new clip plays both the original video and the visitors recorded audio, showing off their impressive announcing skills.
Current Sponsors:
There are no sponsors associated with this interactive at this time.
The Press Box is looking for an update! Whether you would like to change the entire concept or just help us update the technology, we would love to chat with you about fun new ideas and how your company can shine at our Press Box.