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The crew from Our Edmonton on CBC visited the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum to check out our newest Feature Exhibit "The Games We Play" and film a behind the scenes look at the Collections space, the exhibits, and of course, the fantastic interactive games.

Check out what our Collections and Exhibit Coordinator Breanna Suk had to say by clicking HERE

Learn more about Red Deer as a sports hub from 2019 Canada Winter Games Host Society Chair Lynn Radford by clicking HERE

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10:00 am - Saturday, April 7
12:00 pm - Sunday, April 8
11:00 am - Monday, April 9

PSA from the Alberta Sport Connection:

First-ever Masters Games will be hosted in Central Alberta in 2019 Rocky Mountain House, AB – The Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County has been successful in its bid to host the Alberta Masters Games in August, 2019. The Games provide an opportunity for masters-aged athletes to compete in a province-wide sports competition.

“Multi-sport Games are an important part of Alberta’s culture, inspiring Alberta’s masters athletes, encouraging active lifestyles and bringing communities together,” said Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism, responsible for sport. “Congratulations to the Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County and all those who worked together on the successful bid to host these Games. I am confident that the volunteers, sponsors and supporters will do an amazing job in 2019 on Alberta’s first Masters Games.”

Approximately 1,200 participants, their families and spectators are expected to attend the Games. For more information see: Alberta Games.

The Alberta government will provide $200,000 in support of the 2019 Alberta Masters Games through Alberta Sport Connection (ASC).

“Congratulations to the Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County on hosting our province’s inaugural Masters Games”, said Kelly Blackshaw, Vice Chair of ASC. “These Games are a tremendous opportunity for our province’s masters-aged athletes to participate and stay active while competing in a province-wide multi-sport competition. ASC is looking forward to working with all the host communities to stage this event and welcoming athletes from across our province to the 2019 Alberta Masters Games.”

The Alberta Masters Games are coordinated by the Alberta Sport Connection in partnership with the host community.

Article from Edmonton Sun: Hansen continues to build curling's international footprint

Will the man most responsible for turning curling in Canada and beyond into the significant sport worthy of occupying one of the rings in the five-ring circus of the Winter Games play a major role in repeating the feat in the USA?

It’s an interesting question as the world men’s curling championship plays out in Vegas in the wake of John Shuster’s winning of the Olympic gold medal just a month ago.

Warren Hansen, pushed into semi-reluctant retirement by the people who gave you a Brier with Nunavut and now one with 16 teams and two pools of eight, has officially been working with USA Curling for almost two years as a business development consultant.

“Translated, that means I have been working on ways to get more corporate and television involvement in U.S. curling,” he said.

Timing is everything and the timing of hiring Hansen and Shuster winning gold is remarkable.

“Prior to the Shuster team winning the gold medal, we already had started to shop some in depth sponsorship proposals into the marketplace,” Hansen said.

“With the gold medal win by Team Shuster, the whole possibility of a lot of good things happening real fast increased significantly. The timing has been perfect. One year ago, we would not have been ready to move in the right direction but we are now.”

Hansen’s fingerprints are on almost everything that happened to drive the sport into the Olympics and turn it into a significant television property which fill NHL buildings with fans.

A three-time Little Grey Cup winner with the Edmonton Huskies who won the 1964 Brier with Hec Gervais, Hansen was involved with Ray Kingsmith of Calgary in getting curling into the Olympics as a demonstration sport in 1988. He was the main force in trying to make it presentable.

He’s also the man most responsible for taking the cigarettes out of the mouths of the curlers, forcefully teaching them how to dress and conduct themselves and otherwise making them presentable enough to go into the Olympics and for curling to become a major TV property.

Hansen created the mixed doubles event that has become an Olympic sport, created the Canada Cup and Continental Cup and Season of Champions. He’s currently working to help build a Season of Champions in the U.S.

“The plan started by attempting to get Curling Night In America, the trials and U.S. nationals into a standard inside the boards that would make the event more attractive to fans, television and potential sponsors,” he said.

“From that point, I have been attempting to shape a potential ‘season’ similar to the Season of Champions in Canada, that would provide a consistent presentation of curling in the U.S. for most of the winter months. This hasn’t all happened yet. But we do have a plan in place of where we want to go.”

TV numbers in the US are exceptional. An average of 1.8 million watched the round-robin game between Shuster and Canada’s Kevin Koe on NBC. But there’s been no evidence here of Americans rushing to buy tickets. The bulk of the attendance is made up of Canadians and most of them decided to stay home for Easter and head here for championship weekend.

“It’s not as easy to get people into venues as it is to get them to watch on television,” Hansen said. “Once we are able to establish a television product that people are attracted to, you can use that as the catalyst to draw people to venues.”

The USA is booming in terms of dedicated rinks being built and people taking up the sport recreationally.

“I felt for a number of years that things were on the potential upswing in the U.S. and the climate was right for major development. With Shuster’s gold, that potential is even greater than before,” Hansen said.

“Curling is looked at a little different in the USA than it is in Canada, especially in the states that are not traditional for winter sports. There is a huge curiosity and magic appeal to younger people.”

The question, with the evidence being presented here, is how close the USA might be and how far away?

“When I decided to get involved with the U.S., it was because of where I felt the sport could go here and maybe that I could help make that happen sooner rather than later,” Hansen said.

“When it all comes together I won’t be around but hopefully I can sit in my easy chair and know I played a role in the turnaround. The population of the USA is 10 times that of Canada and the biggest sports marketing machines in the world are in America. Without USA marketing, sponsorship and television do you think the Olympics would exist?

“Eventually, it is my prediction that the United States will be the largest and strongest curling nation in the world. But Canada will benefit from that in a major way. Does anybody think the NHL would be anything without the USA?”


After three successful Continental Cups held here and now the world men’s curling championship, will Las Vegas continue to rock?

There was the expectation that next year’s Continental Cup would be held here. Television sources had been told to expect that.

But indications are that there are issues between Curling Canada, who own the event as part of their Season of Champions, and the organizing committee headed by Jon Killoran that have either delayed or derailed the plan.

It is known that Las Vegas and Boyd Gaming, owners of the Orleans Hotel & Casino and Orleans Arena, very much want to bring curling back to the desert.




Article from Alberta Sport Connection: Lethbridge to host 2020 Alberta Summer Games.

The City of Lethbridge has been named host to the 2020 Alberta Summer Games

The Games provide an opportunity for Albertans 11 to 17 years old to compete in a province-wide summer sports competition. More than 3,000 participants, their families and spectators are expected to attend the Games. Athletes will participate in a wide variety of sports including athletics, cycling, baseball, swimming, triathlon, rugby, basketball, soccer, canoe/kayak and beach volleyball.

“Congratulations to the City of Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Sport Council on their successful bid to host the 2020 Alberta Summer Games. Through Budget 2018 we are investing in the next generation of Albertans and helping communities build a strong foundation for the future. The Alberta Summer Games are an important part of that foundation and make life better for Albertans.”  -  Rachel Notley, Premier

The government will provide $420,000 to support the Games through Alberta Sport Connection, which includes a cultural grant of $70,000.

“The Alberta Games are an important part of Alberta’s culture, inspiring our young amateur athletes while bringing communities together. Congratulations to the City of Lethbridge and all those who worked together on the successful bid to host these Games. I am confident the volunteers, sponsors and supporters will do an amazing job in 2020.”  -  Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism

The Games are coordinated by the Alberta Sport Connection in partnership with the host community. Participants earn the right to compete by qualifying through zone playoffs for each sport which are held across the province.

“Lethbridge has a long history of hosting successful sport events and multi-sport Games. The city is known for quality, well-organized events and friendly volunteers, and we are looking forward to working with them in staging these Games and welcoming young athletes from across our province.”  -  Kelly Blackshaw, Vice Chair, Alberta Sport Connection

“Having just witnessed the excitement of our local athletes as they headed off to the Winter Games in Wood Buffalo, Lethbridge is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide that same experience for thousands of Alberta Summer Games athletes in 2020. I am certain our amazing volunteers combined with our high-quality sports facilities will create a Games experience to remember.”  -  Chris Spearman, Mayor, City of Lethbridge

The Games generate about $3 million for host communities.



Article from Lethbridge School District No. 51: Toby Boulet appointed vice-principal at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute

Lethbridge School District No. 51 is pleased to announce Toby Boulet has been appointed vice-principal at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, commencing the 2018-19 school year.

Boulet’s career as an educator and his leadership across a breadth of athletic leadership positions is characterized by passion - passion for serving youth, colleagues and his school and broader community. Possessing deep compassion and empathy, Boulet’s insight into the needs of youth and an understanding of their context is actualized through active support.

He has a reputation as a hard-working individual who walks the talk as a servant leader. Never asking for more than he is willing to do, he has the innate ability to mobilize staff and community to support students.

Keys to his success include in-depth knowledge regarding youth and sport, an organizational skill-set that is beyond compare, and a passion for life-long learning. For example, currently serving as an executive member of the Alberta Schools Athletic Association provides Boulet with the opportunity to distribute new knowledge within a provincial context with athletic directors throughout southern Alberta.

Boulet is never hesitant to take a risk and try something new if he believes it will benefit students. He is a “kid’s first” thinker who strongly believes we have the moral imperative in education to be role models of integrity, honesty and care. 

“I am thrilled to be the new vice-principal at LCI responsible for athletics,” he said. “I respect and honour the many blessings that life has offered me in the past, however it is time to turn the page and embrace this exciting opportunity to work with and serve all the tremendously talented students, staff and school community at LCI.”

Boulet’s accomplishments and distinctions of merit in leadership across numerous organizations are too numerous to list. Of special note with respect to projects, Boulet was involved in Project House IV and was a member of the City of Lethbridge Football/Soccer/Track Stadium Project committee. He has organized over a dozen International Educational and Sport Tours and served youth in his role of Director with Alberta Sport Development Centre. He has coached a breadth of sports and teams, and was a U of L Pronghorn Hall of Fame Inductee as well as an Alberta Sports Hall of Fame Inductee.

Boulet brings a breadth of teaching and educational leadership experiences to the position. He is currently department chair, teacher and athletic director mentor at Winston Churchill High School, and has taught at Wilson and Allan Watson IOP High School. He served as assistant principal at Gilbert Paterson Middle School and Wilson Middle School.

Boulet completed his Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Lethbridge, majoring in Physical Education, with minors in Physical Science and Social Studies. He earned a Master of Education degree (Leadership and Curriculum) from the University of Lethbridge.