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Artefact: Discus
Accession #:  2000.06.25
Material: Rubber
Period: 1940s

Discus is one the several throwing events that take place during the Olympic Games.

Discus was originally part of the Ancient Greek Pentathlon. The event was rediscovered during the 1870s in Germany and has been part of the modern Olympic Games ever since the first Olympiad in 1896.

This discus, in particular, was used in the 1948 London Summer Olympic Games.

A Canadian has never reached the podium in Olympic discus, but hopefully, that will change this year during the Rio Olympic Games that takes place from August 5th until August 21st.
Cheer on Team Canada & all of the athletes competing at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.


Make sure you check out the Artefact of the Month Video Clips: Sports and Stuff with Dan, hosted by Keiran Swayn & Daniel Becker.



Artefact: Road Skis
Accession #:  91.30.02 a & b

Roller skiing is the off snow equivalent to cross country-skiing. The techniques used are very similar to cross-country skiing on snow. First created as a summer excersie, roller skiing has grown into a competitive sport.

These particular road skis were made in Czechoslovakia. Roller skiing is the off snow equivalent of cross-country skiing. There are two styles of roller skiing, classic and skate. The skate style is very similar to inline skating, meaning that both wheels are free rolling. The classic style of roller skate has wide wheels for balance and a rachet-like mechanism in one of the wheels. The mechanism allows for uni-directional travel that simulates grip much like what grip wax provides on snow. Roller skiing started out as a summer exercise but has grown into its own competitive sport. The International Ski Federation recognized roller skiing as a distinct sport in 1992. The first official roller skiing world championships took place in 1998.

Interesting fact: the world record for the greatest number of roller skiers in one place was established at Gatineau Park, Chelsea Quebec, Canada on October 2nd, 2010.


Artefact: Jingle Dress

June is Aboriginal History Celebration month in Canada. We have chosen to showcase the Aboriginal Jingle dress in honour of this celebration. The Jingle Dress is an Aboriginal women's pow wow dance. The regalia worn for this dance is the jingle dress, which includes ornamentation with multiple rows of metal cones which create a jingling sound as the dancer moves.

For more information on Aboriginal History in Canada check out:


Artefact: Prosthetic Leg
Year: 2000s
Number:  2012.115.02

In celebration of National Golf Month, we will highlight 2010 Inductee Gwen Davies. Davies is the President and founding member of the Canadian Amputee Golf Association. She was instrumental in formulating the guidelines for the running of the annual Canadian Amputee National Open golf tournament.

Gwen was a below knee amputee at the age of three and then became an above knee amputee in 2005. As an athlete, she became very active in amputee golf, playing in tournaments at many levels. Gwen held the title of the Canadian Ladies Amputee Golf Champion 12 times in 17 years: 1992 to 1994, 1996 to 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, and from 2006 to 2009. She won the Ladies British Amputee Open in 1995, was the Ladies runner-up at the First World Series of Golf in Australia in 1996 and won the Second World Series event in 2002. Gwen has represented Canada in Amputee Golf Tournaments in Australia, United States, Great Britain and Italy.

May's Artifact of the month is Gwen's prosthetic leg from above her knee. She donated this and an older below the knee prosthetic to the ASHFM so we could show students and guests what prosthetics look and fell like to help educate them.


Artefact: Radio Microphone
Year: 1950s
Number:  1994.43.1
Make: RCA 77-DX

April's Artefact of the Month was chosen to represent our Bell Memorial Award recipients.

The Bell Memorial Award is dedicated specifically to those individuals who have contributed to sport through their media presence. The Bell Memorial Award was established in 1973 by the Bell Family in honour of Chester Bell, son of the late Max Bell, a former publisher of the Albertan. The award is presented to acknowledge members of the media who demonstrate outstanding dedication to the coverage of amateur sports in Alberta.

April is also associated with these 'Appreciation' Day, which we thought might apply to some of our Bell Memorial Award Honoured Members.

  • April 4th - School Librarian Appreciation Day
  • April 10th - Encourage Young Writers Day
  • April 18th - Columnist Appreciation Day
  • April 30 - Honesty Day

Bell Memorial Recipients:

  • 1974 Henry Viney* CFCN Calgary
  • 1975 Cecil “Tiger” Goldstick* CFRN Edmonton
  • 1976 Don Fleming* Edmonton Journal
  • 1977 Ernie Afaganis CBXT Edmonton
  • 1978 Frank Ryan Red Deer Advisor
  • 1979 Garry Allison Lethbridge Herald
  • 1984 Russ Peake CFCN Calgary
  • 1985 Marty Knack* Edmonton Journal
  • 1986 Thomas W. “Tom” Moore* The Albertan
  • 1987 Guy Cormier CBXFT Edmonton
  • 1988 John Short Edmonton Journal
  • 1989 Stan “Sparling” Solberg Freelance
  • 1990 Larry Wood Calgary Herald
  • 1991 Lisa Miller CFRN TV
  • 1993 Al McCann* CFRN TV
  • 1995 Ed Whalen* Independent
  • 1996 Ron MacLean CBC
  • 1997 Don Pilling* Lethbridge Herald
  • 1998 Steve Fallwell CJOC Lethbridge
  • 1999 Danny Rode Red Deer Advocate
  • 2000 Bob Ridley CHAT TV & Radio
  • 2001 Bill Powers* QR77 Radio
  • 2002 Terry Jones Edmonton Sun
  • 2003 Joe Carbury Calgary Stampede Announcer
  • 2004 Bryan Hall 630 CHED Radio
  • 2006 John Down Calgary Herald
  • 2007 Wes Montgomery* 630 CHED
  • 2008 Dwayne Erickson* Rodeo Journalist
  • 2010 Grant Pollock Global Calgary
  • 2012 Lorne Starko Multimedia, Red Deer
  • 2013 Bob Scammell Outdoor Sports Writer
  • 2014 Rod Phillips “Voice of the Oilers”
  • 2015 Peter Maher “Voice of the Flames”
  • 2016 Graham Kelly Football Writer



Artefact: Signed Pig
Year: 2000s
Number:  2010.25.01
Material: Paper Mache

Did you know that March 1st is National Pig day?

In honour of this entertaining event, our Artefact of the Month is a paper mache pig that has been signed by several ASHFM Honoured Members.  

Can you match the signature to the Honoured Member name?