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September 2019 Pictureweb

Artefact: Fencing Sabre
Accession #: 92.01.11
Year: 1950s

This sabre fencing weapon was used in the 1950s. Both the blade and the hand guard are made from steeland the handle is wrapped in protective leather. Fencing was one of the first sports to be played in the Olympic Games. It is a combat sport based on traditional swordsmanship. Fencing as a sport developed in the 1700s, thanks to Domenico Angelo’s fencing academy in London, and Sabre is one of the three main types of fencing. The sabre weapon is unique in that both the cutting edge and the back of the blade can be used to score points. As for the other two types of fencing weapons, only the tip of the blade may be used in order to score points.