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Artefact: Baseball Bat
Accession #: 90.34.02
Year: 1950s

Baseball bats began to be produced for the general public by the Louisville Company around the end of the 19th century. Early bats were heavy, made of ash wood, and had a very cylindrical shape to them with a thick handle. As baseball became more and more popular, bats started to be perfected and their shapes came to resemble the present-day bat with a heavy barrel and thinner handle. Metal bats also began to be manufactured and remain the most common option for casual or little league baseball; however, they are banned for use in the MLB. Bats continue to evolve with varying styles of handle now being used at all levels of the sport, ranging from tapered, wider handles, to an axe-shaped handle.

 This bat belonged to Honoured Member Glen Gorbous, who played several years in the minor leagues and a season for the Philadelphia Phillies.