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  • H. Viney WWII Helmet
  • Accession #: 1980.02.862
    Year: 1940s


    This helmet was worn by honoured member Henry Viney during his time serving in WWII. It is a British-style MK2 helmet that was used by the Canadian forces. The helmet is an improved version of the famous British Brodie helmet that had been developed and issued to soldiers during the First World War. The helmet is made of steel with a leather lining and a wide brim designed to protect against shrapnel.

     Henry Viney served five years in the instructional staff of the Canadian Army during the Second World War and upon his return began working for CFCN Calgary. Viney began his broadcasting career in 1932 and continued broadcasting across four decades. In 1967, he received the Foster Hewitt award as Canada’s Outstanding Sportscaster. Viney was inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame in 1983.