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Our Resource Centre is a place where everyone can research and discover Alberta's sports history. Connected to the Alberta Sport History Library website, our resource library is a compilation of Alberta's sports history available at your fingertips.


2018 Winter Olympics -  Celebrate the past and present Winter Olympics with us! We will be exploring the country, the venues and the sports of the 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympic Games, as well as celebrating 30 years since the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games.  
     - Take part in the MATCH THE MITTEN game to win a pair of 2018 Olympic Mitts!

Calgary Cannons Baseball Team - This is the exhibit that will give you your BANG for your buck... not only is this exhibit accessible for FREE in our Resource Centre, but it also used to go BANG! Come see for yourself!

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Our Feature Book:

To Run With Longboat: Twelve Stories of Indian Athletes in Canada

This fantastic compellation features the stories of 12 Canadian Indian athletes whose hard work, dedication, and success in their sports are an inspiration to the youth of today. The stories are all told in the format of traditional oral storytelling. The stories are all based in fact and well researched, but the contributors and editors were permitted to take some freedom in interpretation and invent where necessary, making this intriguing book a true work of docufiction.

This book has special ties to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum as it features Honoured Member Jim Gladstone and Honoured Member J. Wilton Littlechild who wrote the forward.


  1. Runner of Messages: Tom Longboat
  2. The Smilin' Rattler: Jimmy Rattlesnake
  3. The Reluctant Black Hawk: Freddie Sasakamoose
  4. The Legend of Cowboy Jim: Jim Gladstone
  5. Sockeye the Fighter: Roger Adolph
  6. That Long-Distance Feeling: Sharon and Shirley Firth
  7. Young Thunder: Steve Collins
  8. The Hall of Famer's After-Dinner Speech: Ross Powless
  9. Heaven on Earth: Jack Jacobs
  10. Are you Lonesome Tonight?: Everette Sanipass
  11. An Olympian Image: Alwyn Morris
  12. Song for Mooshum: Paul Acoose
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