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Barbara Kerr

  • Categories: Athlete,  Equestrian
  • City or Town: Calgary
  • Year Inducted: 1987
  • Gender: Female
  • First name: Barbara
  • Last Name: Kerr


Barbara Simpson Kerr is a world-class equestrian competitor whose brilliant career began at events in Alberta. She is the 1967 Canadian Jumper Champion, 1969 Aachen Germany Horse Show Champion, 1971 Pan American Games gold medal winner, 1972 Rothman's Grand Prix winner, and 1972 Calgary International Horse Show winner. She has also won gold and silver placings at the 1970 Dublin Ladies Championship and was named the Leading Foreign Rider at the 1972 New York National Horse Show and named the Leading Rider during the 1972 Olympic Team selection. Barbara Simpson Kerr was chosen twice as the Chrysler Leading Rider at the Spruce Meadows National. She was inducted into the Horseman's Hall of Fame in 1972.