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John Short


For over 20 years, John Short has been reporting sport events in Alberta for press, radio, and TV. During his career, he has covered every sport imaginable at every level possible, but amateur sport has always been a major focus of his attention. His concerns about the state of sport go much deeper than simple coverage of events as he involves himself with analysis and investigation of sport problems from financing to administration and the role of government. As a sports columnist with the Edmonton Journal or the host of 'Short Cuts' and 'Sports Talk', John Short is always straightforward with his opinions and outspoken with both criticisms and credit - all done with the intent of improving the sporting experience for both kids and adults, whether in recreational or elite level sport. John Short's wide knowledge of the Canadian sport scene was recognized when he was named to the selection committee for Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.

Since Induction:

  • 2012 - Celebrated 60 Years in the business.