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Gordon Bertie

  • Categories: Athlete,  Wrestling
  • City or Town: Edmonton
  • Year Inducted: 1987
  • Gender: Male
  • First name: Gordon
  • Last Name: Bertie


Gordon Bertie is well-known for his success as a wrestler in both national and international competitions. He was named the Outstanding Wrestler in Canada in 1974; named captain of the 1976 Canadian Wrestling Team for the Olympic Games; and, was later inducted into Canada's Wrestling Hall of Fame. Gordon Bertie won three gold and one silver medal in Canadian University Championships for free-style and one gold and one silver for Greco-Roman. He has also won medals in competitions at Pan American Games, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Romanian Invitational, World Cup, pre-Olympics, and a bronze at the Senior World Championships--the later being the first medal ever won by a Canadian at this event.