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The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is in the process of creating a new exhibit entitled "The Games We Play." This exhibit will look at how traditional games and video games developed and enhanced the fan sport experience. 

For the launch of this new exhibit, the ASHFM is hosting a 12 hour Game-A-Thon!  We will provide video game consoles featuring both retro and modern games, a variety of board games, space for table top games and various forms of card games throughout the night.  If you're interested in playing DND or Magic, you're welcome to bring your own games.

Prizes will be awarded throughout the night, with a special prize giveaway draw and celebration for the players who are able to make it through the entire 12 hours! A concession will be available throughout the night.

Start time: Friday, Feb 16, 7 pm        End Time: Saturday, Feb 17, 7 am
Fee:$25 per person
Ages 18+

Registration Deadline: February 13

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