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Graham Smith

  • Categories: Athlete,  Swimming
  • City or Town: Edmonton
  • Year Inducted: 1978
  • Gender: Male
  • First name: Graham
  • Last Name: Smith


Graham Smith started swimming in 1964 with his father, Don as his coach. He won his first national age group championship when he was ten years old. Graham's first international competition was at the 1975 World Aquatic Championships in Columbia. He won a silver medal at the Montreal Olympics in the 4 x 100m relay; placed 4th in the 100m and 200m breast stroke; and 5th in the 400m individual medley. In August 1977, Graham Smith set a world record in the 200m individual medley.

Since Induction:

  • 1978 - Won 6 gold medals at the 1978 Commonwealth Games