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Edmonton Waterloo Mercurys, 1950


The Edmonton Waterloo Mercurys were an amateur hockey team in Alberta named after Edmonton car dealer and sponsor Waterloo Mercury. In 1950 they represented Canada at the World Championships in London, England and successfully won the title. The Mercurys were the first Alberta hockey team to win gold on the international stage. During the 10-day, round robin event, the Mercurys won all eight games, outscoring their opposition 88 to 5. Prior to the World Championship, the team had traveled across Europe for 3½ months playing in 33 exhibition games, losing three to professional teams. On their return home 60,000 fans lined the parade route in Edmonton.

Allen, Henry*
Christiansen, Jim [P]*
Darling, Marsh*
David, Bob*
Davies, Jack*
Dawe, Bill*
Delaney, Wilbur*
Gauf, Don*
Graham, Jimmy [C]*
Hanley, Joe*
Kilburn, Jimmy*

Lucchini, Leo*
Macauley, Doug*
Manson, Jack
Newsome, Ab*
Purvis, Al*
Stanley, Don*
Tonsi, Bert*
Watt, Bob*
Wright, Pete*
Young, Hassy