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Edmonton Grads 1922 - 1940


The amazing record of the Edmonton Grads spans an era of 25 years. Under the expert coaching of the late Percy Page, the Grads played 522 official games in Canada, the United States, and in Europe, winning 502 and losing 20 for an average of 96.2%. The Grads won seven of the nine games they played against men's teams. In establishing their outstanding record, they had two consecutive winning streaks of 147 and 78 games respectively. They won the Provincial Championship during their first year of existence in 1915, and continued to win 23 of the 24 times they competed for it. In the Western Canadian Championship, the Grads won all 21 games they played from 1926 to 1940. In the Canadian Championships they never lost a series, from commencement of title play in 1922 to the team's disbandment in 1940. They won 29 of 31 games played. In Canadian - American competition, the Grads won the Underwood International Trophy every year from inception of the series in 1923 to 1940, when they were presented with the trophy permanently. The Grads attended four Olympics, although women's basketball was not officially an Olympic sport, and won all 27 of their exhibition games. They were crowned World Champions from 1937 to 1940.

1922-1940 Team Members

Bailey, Marguerite*
Bawden, Betty*
Belanger, Babe*
Bennie, Elsie*
Brown, Mae*
Brown, Sophie*
Coulson, Evelyn*
Daniel, Babe*
Dann, Etta*
Dunn, Mary*
Elrick, Elizabeth*
Fry, Gladys*
Gallen, Winnie*
  Gordon, Frances*
Hopkins, Hattie*
Innis, Jessie*
Johnson, Daisy*
Johnson, Dot*
Jonston, Joan*
Kinney, Margaret*
MacBurney, Margaret*
MacDonald, Noel*
Macrae, Kate*
MacRitchie, Kay*
Martin, Winnie*
McCormack, Mildred*
  McIntosh, Helen*
Mountifield, Eleanor*
Munton, Mabel*
Neale, Doris*
Northup, Helen*
Perry, Nellie*
Ross, Betty*
Scott, Abbie*
Smith, Connie*
Stone, Edith*
Stone, Helen*
Williamson, Jean*