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Edmonton Flyers 1947 - 1948


The Edmonton Flyers won the Allan Cup Championship in 1948. The Allan Cup Championship was celebrated to the same level that a Stanley Cup Championship is celebrated today. The high level of competition was fierce with teams representing all the major cities across Canada. In the tournament leading up to the final, played in Calgary, the Flyers played in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Out of 24 games played, the Flyer’s record was 19 wins, four losses and one draw. This was a vital moment in Western Canada hockey history that helped create the foundation for Alberta’s rich hockey tradition. The Flyer’s thrilling victory over the Ottawa Senators energized the entire city and their victory parade attracted more than 60,000 people, half the population of Edmonton in 1948. The national title was only the third national hockey title ever won by an Alberta team, and several members of the team would go on to successful careers in the National Hockey League. The Edmonton Flyers were a senior amateur team until 1950-51 when the squad graduated to the professional Western Hockey League.

Team Members

Anderson, Doug*
Black, Johnny*
Buttrey, Gordon*
Clovechok, Andy*
Currie, Frank* [C]
Hardy, Doug* [T]
Holmes, Louis*
Kreller, Elmer*
  Lane, Doug*
Maher, Bill*
Manson, Jack
McPherson, Bud*
Merluk, Stephen, 'Bing'*
Morrissey, Billy*
Pettinger, Bill*
  Pringle, Alex*
Rimstad, Morey*
Rollins, Al*
Smitten, Freddie*
Stuart, Ira*
Watt, Gordie*
Young, Harvey 'Pug'*