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Accession #: 2012.04.01

Orange Goalball used to play the Blind sport Goalball. It looks like a basketball, it is hollow and has bells inside that make noise when moved. There are 8 holes all around the ball for the sound to come out.

On two end of the ball are circles with "Targe Equipment, 1250g." Never used, new when donated.

  • Sport: Goalball
  • Period: 2000
  • Object Type: Equipment

Accession #: 92.08.52

Poster - XI Commonwealth Games - Edmonton 1978.

  • Sport: Multisport
  • Sport Affiliation: Commonwealth Games
  • Period: 1970
  • Object Type: Poster
  • Member Affiliation: Brooks, Willard

Accession #: 2008.02.02

Autographed program of the May 30, 2008 Induction Banquet by inductees.

  • Sport: Multisport
  • Sport Affiliation: Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum (ASHFM)
  • Period: 2000
  • Object Type: Program

Accession #: 2010.35.06

Poster for the 2009 Induction Banquet, Friday, May 29, 2009. "Light up the Night".

Autographed by 2009 inductees. Jennifer Krempien, Jack Daines, Vic Stasiuk, Heather McDermid, Doug McKenzie, Dr. Willie Littlechild, IPC, Larry Robinson, Dave Williams, Duff Gibson, Scotty "Bulldog" Olson.

  • Sport: Multisport
  • Sport Affiliation: Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum (ASHFM)
  • Period: 2000
  • Object Type: Poster
  • Member Affiliation: Daines, Jack
  • Member 2: Gibson, Duff
  • Member 3: Krempien, Jennifer
  • Member 4: Littlechild, Dr. Willie
  • Member 5: MeDermid, Heather
  • Member 6: McKenzie, Doug
  • Member 7: Olson, Scotty "Bulldog"
  • Member 8: Robinson, Larry W.W.
  • Member 9: Stasiuk, Victor
  • Member 10: Williams, David "Dave"

Accession #: 86.03.01

Edmonton Grad Sweater #5.

  • Sport: Basketball
  • Sport Affiliation: Edmonton Grads
  • Period: 1930
  • Object Type: Clothing
  • Member Affiliation: Edmonton Grads