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Roubidoux, Michael A.. "Narratives of race relations in Southern Alberta: An Examination of Conflicting Sporting Practices." Sociology of Sport Journal. Vol 21, No.3. (Sept 2004) 287-301.

AB: In March 2001, a minor hockey league in southern Alberta (Foothills Hockey) voted in favor of banning a local First National Hockey Association (Kainai Minor Hockey) from league play as a result of various violations committed by officials, players, and parents over the course of the season. Since that time hockey and recreation officials from Kainai have been attempting to get Kanai Minor Hockey reinstated into the league, but have up until this point, been unsuccessful. This article explore the exclusionary practices that led to the removal of Kainai from organized youth hockey and examines the racialized discourse that permeates First Nations-Euro-Canadian relations in Southern Alberta.

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