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Bibliography Abstracts

"The Battle of Alberta: Entrepreneurs and the Business of Hockey in Edmonton and Alberta." Alberta: Studies in the Arts and Sciences. David Mills, 1-20. Edmonton: 1990.

AB:The long-standing rivalry between Edmonton and Calgary which is seen in both politics and economic development is also expressed through sports. The hockey games between the Oilers and the Flames, as well as the football games between the Eskimos and the Stampeders, are often described as "the battle of Alberta". The differences on the ice or on the field were also mirrored by the ownership patterns in the two cities during the 1980s. In Edmonton, Peter Pocklington was an entrepreneur with a "bottom-line" mentality. His hockey team, the Oilers, became part of his financial empire and made him an important public figure. In Calgary, the ownership group kept a lower profile, and used the Flames to boost the profile of the city.

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