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Lorenz, Stacy L.. "Lively Interest on the Prairies, Western Canada, the Mass Media and the World of Sport, 1870-1939.." Journal of Sport History. Vol 27, No.2. (Summer 2000) 195-227.

AB: The growth of newspapers, telegraphy, and radio in the Prairie Provinces of Canada radically transformed people's connection to North American and world sport. Beginning in the early 20th century, sporting events were either re-created from telegraph reports or broadcast live, often to public gatherings in towns like Winnipeg and Calgary. Participation in this world of sport also gave inhabitants of the provinces a sense of belonging to the Canadian nation and its burgeoning popular culture. Despite the distances separating them from other Canadians, they could feel that they were part of a common set of popular entertainments, as they followed the successes and disappointments of Canadian and American hockey and baseball teams, as well as such sports as rowing and boxing. Based on newspapers and secondary sources

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