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Hall, M. Ann. "A history of women's sport in Canada prior to World War I." Thesis (M.A.). University of Alberta, 1968.

AB: This research presents a broad overview of the principle developments for women in Canadian sport until the First World War and reconciles this data with the social climate of the times. Alberta sport does not feature until the 1860s and 70s alongside the first real stirrings of Canadian women participating in the sports and the steady settlement of the west. In the final years covered by the study, numerous reports on women's sport in Alberta appear: in 1912 with participation by women in the first Calgary Stampede, a 1914 horse show in Edmonton with 13 ladies competing [p118-120], the formation of the University of Alberta's Woman's Athletic Association in 1913 [p140] and the existence of ladies ice hockey teams in Edmonton dating to 1900.

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