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Bibliography Abstracts

"Making it and breaking it with Wayne Gretzky." Offside: Hockey from the Inside. Stan Fischler, 102-118. Toronto: Methuen, 1985.

AB: This book which looks at the progression of hockey from the perspective and personal experiences of a sport journalist and offers a unique look at the legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky, a glimpse at his relationship with the media and their unremitting efforts to uncover a more personal side of the famous puck prodigy. The author describes his first encounter with the young hockey phenomenon in 1979 when Wayne Gretzky was only 18 years old and many critiques believed his small stature and soft demeanour would spell the doom for this newly signed professional hockey player. "The Kid" as they had dubbed him in the media, would prove them wrong and continue to climb the NHL ladder towards unprecedented fame and critical acclaim. Once he won the first NHL scoring championship in 1981, he found himself at the epicentre of media attention in hockey and would remain there for most of his career. The author recounts his experience writing critically about the "the Great One" and the interviews he had with the friendly, down-to-earth star.

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