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"The Grads weren’t just a team, they were virtually invincible." Brownlee and the triumph of populism, [1920-1930]. Janice Tyrwhitt, 264-283. Edmonton, Alberta: CanMedia, Inc., 2006.

AB: An in depth look at the famous all-girls' Edmonton Commercial Graduates basketball team that went on to become the most successful team, amateur or professional, male or female, in the annals of Canadian sport. Celebrated as much for their demeanour off the court as on, the girls embodied etiquette and good morals as they refused commercial endorsement and personal profit and maintained daily jobs all the while complying with a rigorous practice and game schedule. As well, they had joined team sports at a time when they were considered an almost exclusively male pursuit which only added to their notoriety and made it necessary for the Grads to emphasize their femininity by maintaining strict standards of conduct including no smoking or alcoholic consumption. In their 25-year reign, from 1915 to 1940, they lost only twenty out of a total of 522 games and never surrendered the Canadian championship title. Included in the article are information regarding the Grads' global travels and international games, the contributions of John Percy Page, intimate photographs of the players, and notable games including the 1924 Paris Olympics.

Alberta Sports History Library