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"The Reign of the Conquering Grads." Great Days in Canadian Sport. Henry Hall Roxborough, 132-139. Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1957.

AB: In this book highlighting athletic achievements in Canadian sports history is a chapter on the Edmonton Grads basketball team and their impressive 25-year winning streak as the world's greatest basketball team from 1915 till they disbanded in 1940. The chapter commences with a brief history of the origin of the sport with its Canadian inventor Dr. Naismith which leads into the introduction of one of the greatest teams to master the sport and their humble beginnings in Edmonton's John A. McDougall School. Also found in this chapter is information on their coach, J. Percy Page, the formation of the Commercial Graduates' Basketball Club, the teams domination of the Underwood Trophy since its beginning in 1923, as well as the girls' experience at four sets of Olympic Games.

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