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Randall, Nora Delahunt. "Foremothers: full-court flapper; stenos by day and loop stars by night, the Edmonton Grads were basketball’s best for 25 years." Women sports (NY). Vol 4, No.11. (Nov 1977) 14-17.

AB: A summary of the accomplishments and 25-year reign of Canada's greatest basketball team- the Edmonton Commercial Graduates. With coach J. Percy Page having taught the all-girls team at McDougall Commercial High School, the girls had graduated in 1915 but decided to continue to play together under the leadership of their coach.  Every year, from 1915-1922, the girls claimed the Alberta Provincial Championship but only started making headlines after 1922 when they traveled east to win the Canadian Championship, marking the first of 19 consecutive wins of the national title and the beginning of their worldwide domination of women's basketball. The Grads won 502 of the 522 games they played from 1915-1940, beating men's and women's teams across Canada and internationally. They won the Underwood Trophy every year from its inception in 1923 until they disbanded in 1940. In the thirties, coach Page developed a sophisticated farm-club system of recruitment which allowed him to oversee the development of potential talent from early stages. The Grads had become a worldwide phenomenon and drew impressive crowds to their games but despite their popularity, never attempted to profit off of their success. Even with this overwhelming support, the girls had to contend with current social paradigms of women and sport which suggested that such strenuous activity was dangerous to "the weaker sex" and would impair their functions of motherhood.


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