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Mitchelson, Edward Barry. "The evolution of men’s basketball in Canada, 1892-1936." Thesis (M.A.). University of Alberta, 1968.

AB: This thesis examines the origin of basketball and traces its development in Canada from 1892 until 1936 with its Canadian inventor, James Naismith, who created it at the Young Men's Christian Association Training School in Massachusetts in 1891. The author establishes a parallelism between the development of the game and the growth of Canada in the period preceding the first World War, He attributes expansion in the west, urbanization and increased population as factors in the game's development across Canada and abroad.  Organizations such as churches, schools, athletic clubs and the militia were all instrumental in the successful growth of the sport but none were as influential as the Y.M.C.A. Although the number of participants did decrease with the onset of the war, interest in the game grew and the Y.M.C.A. was important in promoting the game in the various branches of the Armed Forces. Following the war was a period of economic prosperity in Canada and basketball continued to grow in popularity, leading to the formation of the Canadian Amateur Basketball Association as a national administrative body for various competitions. This research paper also discusses the international recognition received from the sport through its introduction into the Olympic Games program in 1936, marking a forty-five year growth of the game from a simple idea to a worldwide celebrated pastime.


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