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Bibliography Abstracts

"The Greatest." Not bad, eh?: Great Moments in Canadian Sports History. Frank Cosentino, 79-98. Burnstown, ON: General Store Pub. House, 1980.

AB: In this book which commemorates pinnacle sports moments in Canada's history is an extensive chapter which discusses the impressive twenty-five year reign of the world-champion Edmonton Commercial Graduates all-girls' basketball team during the years 1915 to 1940. In this chapter is information regarding coach J. Percy Page, the domination of the Underwood Trophy, as well as information on funding support from Edmonton sports promoter and coach of the Edmonton Eskimos football team, Deacon Whyte. The chapter provides an overview of the team's basketball career, from their early beginnings at the Commercial High School and throughout the team's evolving line up of girls and many memorable games that would solidify their reputation as Canada's greatest basketball team.

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