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Bibliography Abstracts

"A Golden Age for Games." The Roar of the Twenties. James Henry Gray, 93-108. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1975.

AB: This book focuses on the social history of the western Canadian prairies during the roaring twenties with a chapter the golden age of sport. Canadians interest on sport increased through the newly invented radio. The chapter describes the many different games that gained popularity during this time period including golf, tennis, track and field, cricket leagues, British rugby and also soccer. In as much as the radio was heralded for bringing attention to sports it was also blamed for its demise as attendance to sporting events greatly declined with the onset of radio broadcasting. Leagues began to shut down all across Alberta due to financial hardship including the Western Canada Hockey League, a professional baseball league of prairie cities and also a soccer league. The decade that had once been considered the golden age of athleticism was beginning to fade as the thirties era was beginning.

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