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2016.43.03 is a small Handheld Broom used by the umpire to clear home base. Donated by Pat Houston.

Why to the Umpires need to sweep off home plate?

During the course of a game, the plate can be obscured by dirt by the players who are batting, running or approaching the plate (running/sliding into home). The edges, in particular, can be obscured relatively quickly and easily by players kicking the dirt when they are at bat, the ball hitting the dirt, batters feet shifting and kicking up dirt when attempting to hit the pitched ball, runners/catchers making plays at home plate, etc. The umpire has to sweep the plate every so often for the following reasons:

  1. Whether or not a pitch to a batter is a ball or a strike depends in part on where the ball crosses the plate-the ump has to be able to see the entire plate including the edges of the plate in order to determine if the ball's path to the plate was outside of the plate's contours or not. If the ball's path is within the contours of the plate or on its edges it's a strike; if outside, a ball.
  2. When a player runs home, in order to score the run, he has to touch the plate, and the ump needs to see the entire plate in order to be able to determine if the plate was touched before he was tagged.
  3. Unlike the other bases, home plate is not above grade-it is at grade, making it very likely that the base will be covered up with dirt during the course of the game. The other bases, being mounted above the ground level, don't really have this problem, so they don't need to be swept.

ASHFM  2016.14.11

This is a mounted ATCO torch from the 2016 Alberta Winter Games torch relay. The torch is silver with carved wooden handle that has the Alberta Winter Games Medicine Hat logo carved in. Torch is mounted onto a plaque that is shaped like the province of Alberta.

The plaque was presented to the Medicine Hat Alberta Games Society who donated it to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum as a token of the games.


2016 Alberta Summer Games

From July 14th to the 17th, 2016 over 3,000 athletes, coaches and officials from across Alberta will be in Leduc to compete, learn and share experiences of a lifetime at the 2016 Alberta Summer Games.

Athletes ranging in age from 11 to 17 years old representing 14 different sports will befriend teammates and competitors from eight regional zones.

Over 2,000 volunteers and 100+ sponsors will pull together to meet a challenge and a common goal: to make the 2016 Alberta Summer Games in Leduc the “Best Ever” Alberta Games.

Thank you to Audrey McDonald for her donation of Calgary Boomers Soccer Team memorabilia.

The Calgary Boomers were a professional soccer team that competed in the North American Soccer League during the 1980–81 NASL Indoor season and outdoors in the 1981 season.  Based out of the McMahon Stadium in Calgary, they were owned by Nelson Skalbania.  Thier colours were gold and black

Manager: Al Miller
Coach: David Davies


  • Darryl Wallace
  • Jürgen Stars
  • Gerd Zimmermann
  • Paul D'Agostino
  • Holgar Brueck
  • Helmut Kremers
  • Victor Kodelja
  • Carlos Salguero
  • Jürgen Röber
  • Franz Gerber
  • Klaus Toppmöller
  • Juan Carlos Molina
  • Ramon Hector Ponce
  • Bruce Bates
  • Danny Vaughn
  • Milan Stojsavljevic
  • Billy Gazonas
  • Willi Neuberger
  • Willi Reimann
  • David Woodsford
  • Jorgen Kristensen
  • Tony Heap
  • Tom Boric

Local artist Dennis Moffat donated 9 original sports themed prints to the ASHFM.  The sports include broomball, hockey, basketball, horse racing, and skiing.


This particular print entitled "The Leader" depicts a cross-country skier taking advantage of Alberta's long snowy winters.

We look forward to featuringDennis Moffat in the Art Gallery at a later date.

The sports include broomball, hockey, basketball, horse racing, and skiing. This particular print entitled "The Leader" depicts a cross country skier taking advantage of Alberta's long snowy winters. We look forward to featuring Moffat in the Art Gallery at a later date

ASHFM Honoured Member Mary Ann Reeves recently donated a large collection of her Synchronized Swimming memorabilia to our permanent collection.


Among the Items were many uniforms, medals, and accreditations. One of the medals was a participation medal, given to all the athletes and coaches who attended, from the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul Korea.