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 Article from Yorkton This Week: History Corner - Hockey Star of the past, Stan Obodiac of Yorkton

Stan Obodiac died in 1984 at age 62. His last occupation had been Publicity Director for the Toronto Maple Leafs for 26 years. Except for a stint as a pilot in World War II hockey consumed Stan’s life. He grew up in Yorkton in the years of radio broadcasts listening to the National Hockey League games announced by famed Foster Hewitt.

Stan played with the Lethbridge Maple Leafs. He won a gold medal in 1951 as lead scorer at the World Ice Hockey Championship in Paris, France. The Lethbridge team was inducted to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame the same year. He coached and played on European teams in Great Britain and Switzerland between 1948 to 1955.

In 1978, Obodiac wrote an article published in “The Reporter,” the title being Hockey Explained to Other Nations. He started off by giving credit to our Canadian winters for the passionate interest in hockey. He goes so far as to state that it was not so much the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway from east to west that bound the country together but the voice of hockey on the radio, and later since 1952 on television.

Here are a few excerpts from the article: “The hockey players who take to the ice before they can properly walk or swim, progress to tykes, atoms, peewees. Midgets, juveniles, juniors, seniors, professionals, and oldtime hockey. Upon retirement, it is just as much an honour for a hockey player to be elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame as it is to become a Senator or receive the Order of Merit from the country. These kudos and manifestations of love for the sport are not excessive when you consider that Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto has not had a single unsold seat for Leaf Hockey since 1946. The demand is almost as great in Montreal and Vancouver, two of the other Canadian metropolis in the National Hockey League.”

Today, this very strong bonding of Canadians with hockey that Obodiac speaks of has become ever so evident after the death toll of 16, and the suffering of the wounded from the bus crash of the Humbolt Junior Hockey Team on April 6th. It is a time of overwhelming grief for families, friends and for our nation, and sympathizers of other countries across the world. The moments of silence held in great numbers of places, the vigils, people helping in various ways and the outstanding results of fundraising to assist all concerned provides the proof of this strong bonding.

Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is deeply saddened by the passing of long-time ASHFM supporter Orest Korbutt. 

Orest was inducted in 2013 as a Multisport Builder. His many contributions to sport will not be forgotten, particularly at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, where he worked closely with Staff, Board, and Hall of Fame Members to ensure the preservation of sport history for all to enjoy.

Please take a few moments to reflect on Orest’s amazing legacy to sport and read his induction biography below:

Orest Korbutt retired from the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museums Board of Directors in 2012, after serving as its only Chairman for 15 years. He was the driving force behind the fundraising, development and vision for the ASHFM building that was built in 1998/99, and for its ongoing growth during his chairmanship. Orest was Chairman of the Alberta Sports, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation for ten years and served as a Director with the Alberta Sport Council from 1986 to 1992. Orest was President of Hockey Alberta, the Edmonton Knights of Columbus hockey program, and was a director with the Canadian Hockey Association.

Orest was an outstanding volunteer for many organizations and made a significant impact on sport development at all levels. He was also involved in Youth Sports Development and Scholarship opportunities. His strong commitment to hockey throughout the years was shown through his achievements and major roles in purchasing the Knights of Columbus Hockey Twin Arenas and being instrumental in the management of the rink. He was a pioneer in the development of international ice hockey, and was very involved in the initiation of hockey exchange programs with the Hokkaido, Japan Ice Hockey Association and the Chinese Ice Hockey Association.

Orest Korbutt received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award in February 2013. He was inducted into the Edmonton Sports Hall of Fame in 2001, the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame in 1988, and was a Life Member of that organization. He was awarded the Hockey Canada Order of Merit.


Staff and Board of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum are wearing their jerseys in support of the Humboldt Broncos Jr 'A' Hockey Club.

We are sending our love and support to the team, their families, the emergency workers, and everyone connected to the accident. Sport is the core of Canadian culture.

As part of the Canadian sporting family, today we wear our jerseys and put our sticks out for you.

#JerseysForHumboldt    #PrayForHumboldt    #HumboldtStrong    #HumboldtBroncos    #PutYourSticksOut    #SticksOutForHumboldt    #WeAreAllBroncos



Kevin Martin inducted to the World Curling Hall of Fame



The crew from Our Edmonton on CBC visited the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum to check out our newest Feature Exhibit "The Games We Play" and film a behind the scenes look at the Collections space, the exhibits, and of course, the fantastic interactive games.

Check out what our Collections and Exhibit Coordinator Breanna Suk had to say by clicking HERE

Learn more about Red Deer as a sports hub from 2019 Canada Winter Games Host Society Chair Lynn Radford by clicking HERE

Tune into CBC Edmonton on your tv to watch the whole show!

10:00 am - Saturday, April 7
12:00 pm - Sunday, April 8
11:00 am - Monday, April 9

PSA from the Alberta Sport Connection:

First-ever Masters Games will be hosted in Central Alberta in 2019 Rocky Mountain House, AB – The Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County has been successful in its bid to host the Alberta Masters Games in August, 2019. The Games provide an opportunity for masters-aged athletes to compete in a province-wide sports competition.

“Multi-sport Games are an important part of Alberta’s culture, inspiring Alberta’s masters athletes, encouraging active lifestyles and bringing communities together,” said Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism, responsible for sport. “Congratulations to the Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County and all those who worked together on the successful bid to host these Games. I am confident that the volunteers, sponsors and supporters will do an amazing job in 2019 on Alberta’s first Masters Games.”

Approximately 1,200 participants, their families and spectators are expected to attend the Games. For more information see: Alberta Games.

The Alberta government will provide $200,000 in support of the 2019 Alberta Masters Games through Alberta Sport Connection (ASC).

“Congratulations to the Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County on hosting our province’s inaugural Masters Games”, said Kelly Blackshaw, Vice Chair of ASC. “These Games are a tremendous opportunity for our province’s masters-aged athletes to participate and stay active while competing in a province-wide multi-sport competition. ASC is looking forward to working with all the host communities to stage this event and welcoming athletes from across our province to the 2019 Alberta Masters Games.”

The Alberta Masters Games are coordinated by the Alberta Sport Connection in partnership with the host community.