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Our Resource Centre is a place where everyone can research and discover Alberta's sports history. Connected to the Alberta Sport History Library website, our resource library is a compilation of Alberta's sports history available at your fingertips.


2018 Winter Olympics -  Celebrate the past and present Winter Olympics with us! We will be exploring the country, the venues and the sports of the 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympic Games, as well as celebrating 30 years since the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games.  
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Calgary Cannons Baseball Team - This is the exhibit that will give you your BANG for your buck... not only is this exhibit accessible for FREE in our Resource Centre, but it also used to go BANG! Come see for yourself!

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Our Feature Book:

Grey Cup 100 by Graham Kelly 

"Grey Cup 100 features the trial and triumphs of Canada's national classic since its beginnings in 1909.  Sportswriter and football aficionado Graham Kelly brings to life the passion and excitement of the finals of Canada's own game:

  • The Calgary Stampeders invented the Grey Cup festival in 1948 by showing host city Toronto how to party Western-style
  • Although legend has it that the great Eagle Keys snapped the ball for the convert that won the 1954 Grey Cup for Edmonton against Montreal, it was really Bill Briggs covering for Keys, who at that point had a broken leg
  • Between 1975 and 1987 the Edmonton Eskimos won seven Grey Cups, five in a row from '78 to '82
  • The American Expansion in the mid-1990s resulted in a U.S. team, the Baltimore Stallions, winning the Grey cup in 1995
  • Sharpshooters and police in riot gear positioned throughout the stadium handled the FLQ terrorist threat in Montreal at the Grey Cup 1969
  • Roughriders fans will never forget the infamous 13th-man debacle in Saskatchewan's devastating Grey Cup loss to Montreal in 2009"