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Proud supporter of the Beyond the Classroom Education Program

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is a great opportunity for students of all ages to experience and explore some of Alberta’s incredible sport history and heroes. Students will have the chance to see how sports, sports equipment, and athletes have evolved throughout the years. In all the school programs we offer this year we hope to inspire learning beyond the classroom. Students will be able to use the museum as a new classroom through learner-led tours,

We offer this year we hope to inspire learning beyond the classroom. Students will be able to use the museum as a new classroom through behind the scene tours, inquiry-based learning and hands-on activities.

Museum personnel are eager to share their knowledge and resources with you and your students to meet educational goals and establish community partnerships in learning. Let's build a stronger community now and in the future.

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum invites the teachers and students of your school to book your Beyond the Classroom field trip with us today. Touring the museum could be one of the greatest hands-on learning opportunities that you and your students can experience. Students can have a behind the scenes tour of the museum, see how things are archived and stored, handle old artefacts and then record their day in their own take-home journal. Sport heroes, legends, community builders, amazing athletes and people who have left an impact on sport around the world and in our province are all under one roof, right here in your own backyard.

Education Packages

Teacher Pre-Visit Program

Teachers are encouraged, whenever possible, to visit the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in person, prior to bringing their group. Familiarity with the museum will assist teachers in planning a memorable and worthwhile field trip. There is no charge for a teacher pre-visit. Simply notify the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum of your expected day and time of arrival.

All education packages can be added to Tour packages, please contact the office for more details.

Be the Change

In order for communities to grow and thrive, we need volunteers to step up and take leadership roles. Many Honoured Members of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame have made huge impacts through sport in our province and around the world. With commitment, desire, and a passion to make things better for others, they have been honoured for their volunteerism. Many of our youth have the capacity and potential to inspire others and make a difference as well.

No matter how young or old, we all benefit by participating in our community activities and services. As parents, educators, and community leaders we have the opportunity to help children and teenagers become compassionate people and great citizens. Young people are the leaders of tomorrow and we need to provide them with as many tools and role models as possible.

Students can visit the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum for a fun and interactive learning experience they will see the results of Albertans that have invested volunteer time to make a difference in our province. This education program will allow children to understand the roles of the volunteers, coaches and to see the roles of their own parents in the community. Students will also learn about athletes and how they give back to their communities and to others all around the world.

Dreams & Goals

Dreams and goals shape children's lives and motivate them to learn.  They give your life purpose, direction, and meaning. They influence your life choices, help you build toward the future, and give you a sense of control and hope. What dreams do your students have? What do they want for themselves, their friends, family, and their world?

The Art in Sport

Creativity, beauty, art, and design are all part of sport in our country. Artists' creativity, imagination and attention to details are what create the Olympic Games outfits, the Olympic medals, a Goalie mask design, and much more. Investigate how Art is in Sports and encourage the artist in your classroom!

The Science in Sport

Athletes continue to amaze the world as they become safer, bigger, faster, and stronger compared to athletes from years ago. Athletes need more protection, better equipment, and medical services to continue to reach professional and Olympic status. Who invents, designs, and tests the equipment these athletes require and use? Innovation is the key to the next generation of athletes, and the students in your classroom, who might be the next scientist or inventor, to create or perfect a piece of sports equipment.

Creating Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

Research shows that there is a decline of physical activity and play in children over the past 50 years. The three major components of healthy lifestyles that are emphasized are eating well, positive body image, and being physically active. Physical activity and play have shown to improve a child's motor function, creativity, decision-making, problem solving and social skills; all skills that contribute to successful learning.

It is recommended that children participate in 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Many children need to make changes to their daily lives to include that much physical activity. Children need to be encouraged to add physical activity throughout their whole day- before school, during school, after school and on weekends. If we continue to educate children early in life the better chance they have to develop commitments to health. Habits formed early in life can last a lifetime.

Creating Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

Fairplay & Respect

Albertans old and young, spend hours watching sporting events and equal hours participating in sporting activities. We pick our favorite athletes, teams, and sports heroes; follow their careers with enthusiasm and pride. Sports can teach us many things like commitment, dedication, hard work, responsibility, fair play, respect, teamwork; the list goes on. Many Alberta athletes and teams have achieved their dreams and goals but not always without hardships and obstacles. A few of Alberta's Olympic athletes have encountered some extraordinary experiences that have taught others the true meaning of fairplay and respect in sport.


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