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Alberta Northern Lights 2004 - 2005


The Alberta Northern Lights wheelchair basketball team became the first Canadian team in the fifty-seven year history of the United States based league to win the National Wheelchair Basketball Association title. They captured the NWBA Division 11 Championship in 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona. They played all their games away from home and in winning the championship, lost only one game during league play and none during the playoff. The Alberta Northern Lights are the only Canadian team to make it to Division 2 of the Final Four.

The dedication, commitment and talent of the individuals involved with the Alberta Northern Lights Basketball Society has gotten the team to three consecutive championship games. A number of the players have been with the team dating back to the first final-four appearance in 1985. They guided the team through the Canadian Club National Championship in 2000 and to their ultimate goal, the NWBA Championship in 2005. Alberta Northern Lights team members have been on the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball teams that won Paralympic gold medals in 2000 and 2004.

The members of the Alberta Northern Lights continue to be outstanding ambassadors and represent Alberta and Canada in a most exemplary manner. They are world-class leaders in terms of wheelchair basketball development and participation at both the grassroots and elite levels of competition.


Team Members

Brinton, Dan
Cole, Terrance
Conrad, Paul (GM)
Evjen, Mike
Farmer, John
Griffin, Pat
McEachern, Jordon
McPherson, Brian
Minor, Ron
Nordell, Darrell (C)
Nordell, Earl (TM)
Norton, Ross
Peers, Danielle